Monday, October 24, 2011

Creative Review: KakenC Design Handpainted Apparels! by TheArtsy Craftsy.

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KakenC Design specializes in handpainted design apparels on t-shirts, sneakers and caps. Its signature styles consist of psychedelic colours with graphic elements. Designs are cute with colours that are rich somehow makes a different to your wardrobe. Think graffiti, if you can’t put an image to its designs.

for such a great review:)

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love Jang Woo Young....t-shirt requested by Siti Khadijah

I Love Jang Woo Young....hopefully Siti will feel proud wearing this t-shirt and be proud...being a Jang Woo Young fans:)

Colorful Lined Shoes...requested by Jennifer

I'm not very sure...what to be called for this type of design and it is my first time doing this as well..., and Ohh yes I'm happy doing it!!! hopefully Jennifer will like it as well:)

Cookie Monster shoes..requested by Carrine

Cookie MONster........with alots of chocolate cookies , requested design from Carrine:)