Sunday, November 20, 2011


Oooo..yeah!!! finally I've done something Star Wars..and its kick-ass! I can't really remember all Star Wars character names...but my favorite would be Yoda, R2D2, StormTroopers.. C-3PO and of coz Dark Vader!
I paint this on a North Star size 9'' I'm not sure....I really wanna sell this out....but well.....if any of you out there willing to pay more for this...hehehe..I might sell it to you (grinning )

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Smurfs....character:) been done on a very large piece of t-shirt...XXL
this is a request from a nice restaurant lady-boss..
since I have to paint everything on a very large piece of t-shirt..I'm happy that the result looks good and doesn't look too...childish for a lady-boss to wear.

Mickey and friends love graffiti...... u like this??? Disney character with a twist of graffiti stuff :) a lil' pop art as well...
I remember when I was a kid..I can't really draw Donald Duck, it always been the hardest character for me to draw, but now..hey hey...
this design would be given out to a gift soon:)